MakerSquare Day 1

It’s finally here. After weeks of anticipation, the first day of MakerSquare has arrived. I’m feeling a lot of different emotions – anticipation, nervousness, anxiety, but most of all excitement. Going through the first day, I’m getting a clearer sense of the types of things I’m expecting at the end of the course.

While preparing for class there were a few ups and downs as I completed the prework and gained a basic understanding of Ruby, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. The most difficult part of completing the prework process was not having someone to bounce ideas/thoughts/questions off of immediately when those arose. Because of that, I’m really excited about class starting and being in this immersive environment. I believe I’ll learn much more effectively in an environment surrounded by other students and instructors and I’m looking forward to working with the different people in class. I also think I’ll pick up more than a few techniques on learning new material or reinforcing concepts I’m struggling with. For example, today one of the instructors Shehzan Devani shared with us his thoughts about how writing a technical blog post helps to gain a better understanding of material since you’re trying to explain it yourself. Hearing that made me think “that makes a lot of sense, I’ll take extra steps to make sure I’m clear about something if I’m writing about it”. I hope I can post on this blog frequently throughout the course about both technical and non-technical material.

In preparation for class, my favorites parts of the prework were when the exercises called for building small applications, such as a Ruby application in which both people and banks could be created and deposits, withdrawals, and transfers of funds could be made. The instructors shared us with that the upcoming curriculum calls for a lot of project-based work. I’m very excited about building out more complete applications that are fully functional and having them in my portfolio to both showcase to potential employers and to have for inspiration for future projects. 

Finally, a common theme throughout the day has been that us students should constantly ask questions and we should provide as much feedback as possible. Everyone at MakerSquare genuinely conveys the feeling that they want us to become great developers and that they want us to learn as much as possible. Because of this, I’m even more excited about the upcoming 12 weeks than I was at the beginning of the day and I can’t wait for Day 2.

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